Custom pendants 

You hesitate to buy a gemstone on our website to create a beautiful pendant, you are afraid that it's might be costly and that the delays are very long ?

In order to allow you to wear your gemstone directly, we realize the drilling and the setting of a 925 sterling silver bail

CAUTION - We do not set a bail on faceted stones, precious opals or any other cabochons whose size is less than 15 mm. These need to be setting by a jeweler and not drilled. For any question don't hesitate to contact us.

   How process step by step ?

1. - Select a gemstone

Select a cabochon of at least 15 mm in our stock and add it to your cart. Caution, we do not drill faceted gemstones or precious opals.

2. - Select the option

Add the option "attaching a clip for 1 pendant" to your cart (available from Menu > Services > Custom Pendant)

3. - Give your instructions

Do not forget to fill the "instructions" field when adding the option "attaching a clip for 1 pendant" in order to :

- Specify on which stone(s) you wish to create a pendant.
- Specify how you want the gemstone to be worn.

Without instruction from you the gemstone will be mounted as shown in photo on the website (attached to the upper part of the photo). See following paragraphs for more details.

4. - Check your instructions

Do not forget to check that your instructions appear on the order form in front of the article "OPTION - Attaching a clip for 1 pendant" before validating it. If this is not the case, click on "   2. Your address" and enter them in the dedicated field. You can also send us your instructions in the hour following the purchase by e-mail (do not forget the acknowledgment to be sure that we have received it), sms or phone call. Attention, passed this delay the installation of the bail has already been achieved and no reclamation can be received.

   Specify where to put the bail

Caution -  It is not recommended to place a bail on the longest side of a cabochon and whatever its shape because once worn the pendant will necessarily tilt to the right or left in an unsightly way by rubbing against the chain or cord. See right illustration.

   Balance tips

   Send a photo file

If your request is very specific or the gemstone has a round or fancy shape you can send us a marked photo of the stone as above, so that we put the bail at the desired place.

   Warning !

Caution - All cabochons that have been the subject of a request for mounting pendant can not be returned or exchanged. By adding this option to your cart you renounce your right of withdrawal for the products concerned. Thank you for your understanding.