How to maintain your silver jewelry ?

What is 925 silver ?

925 silver (also known as solid silver or sterling silver) contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal, usually copper. Pure silver is a soft and malleable metal and therefore cannot be used in jewelry, it must be mixed with another metal in order to stiffen it and thus be able to work it. And like all other metals, silver must be certified with a hallmarked mark to attest to its quality. This is the case with all the jewelry we sell.

Oxidation of 925 silver jewelry

Silver is a very aesthetically pleasing precious metal, however like many metals silver oxidizes and darkens with a patina over time. It is a natural phenomenon which can be accelerated by external actions such as the acidity of the skin, perspiration, perfumes and cosmetics, water, etc... All these elements contribute to the darkening of jewelry in silver. This is not related to a quality problem and in order to remedy this silver jewelry should be cleaned regularly, even if it is not worn. It is also recommended to remove them when showering / bathing, sea water is catastrophic for the silver.

How to clean 925 silver jewelry ?

Impregnated cloth :

We are also faced with the problem of oxidation in our stocks and in order to clean our silver jewelry we use cotton cloths impregnated with a cleaner and an anti-tarnishment agent. These small cloths made in Germany remain effective for several years as long as they are not washed. They are inexpensive and can easily be stored in a jewelry box. You can follow the link to order some.

Silver cleaners :

If the maintenance of your silver jewelry has been neglected and it has turned really black, using the impregnated cloth alone will not be enough. It will then be necessary to buy cleaning products design for silver. We recommend Ouator cotton impregnated special gold and silver, which will clean your jewelry in the blink of an eye. Be careful however, it is recommended to detach the silver part of the stone before using it because the black silver oxides which will be removed by the product can be absorbed by the stone and stain it...

How to repair broken jewelry ?

Because they undergo the days of your daily life just like you, it may happen that over time, improper handling or an accident, a bail or a tether breaks. All the metal parts of our jewelry are replaceable like new and you can very easily perform the operation yourself at home. All metal parts are available for sale in the Material section.


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