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     Welcome to our website. Come and explore the wonders of the mineral world with crystals, fossils and gemstones from all over the world and even from outer space !

Whether for collecting, lithotherapy or crystal healing, decoration or simply for the pleasure of understanding and observing, dive into the fascinating world of minerals. These witnesses to our planet's history have all been carefully selected. Our aim is to offer you as many quality specimens as possible, rarely seen at trade fairs. Discover the brilliance of polished minerals, their sublime colors and extraordinary shapes, and learn more about geology and mineralogy with our free online encyclopedia and glossary.

We hope you'll find what you're looking for on this site, and that it will not only give you pleasure, but also enrich your knowledge and your collections !

  The Mineral of the Week...


Learn, discover and expand your knowledge of mineralogy with our free encyclopedia, which can be consulted from absolutely anywhere and is directly linked to our glossary of over 450 entries. The fruit of many years' work, it contains over 4000 pages of text unmatched in any printed work, with new information added daily. No more scientific vocabulary reserved for the initiated : every technical term can be clicked on for total comprehension by everyone on every page !

  The Stone of the Week...


For lovers of lithotherapy and natural well-being, discover the virtues and benefits of stones. Nearly 250 mineral property sheets are currently available for consultation. Explore the mystical world of an ancestral practice dating back over 3,500 years. With reported actions on both body and mind, learn how to use stones to recharge your spiritual energy and live your daily life more effectively. A way to learn how to live better with yourself and with others, an asset for coping with life's ups and downs...


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