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Chondrite is a term used in astronomy to describe a certain type of stony Meteorite (less than 35% of metal). This category contains the most primitive meteorites, and is itself divided into several groups of meteorites: ordinary chondrite, primitive chondrites, carbonaceous chondrites and enstatite chondrites.

It is the oldest one due to the age at which their different elements came together to form a rock, and because of the limited transformation endured by these elements since they have formed. Often said that the chondrules are the first stones that formed during the condensation of the solar nebula.

The stony meteorites come from chondrite-type surface of small asteroids that have not differentiated since their formation there are 4.65 billion years, along with the solar system or, more rarely of larger asteroids, or even planet like Mars or the Moon. Stony meteorites are quite close to terrestrial rocks, they contain mostly silicates, which make up most of the rocks of our planet.